Context is our bimonthly newsletter, available only on subscription. Context is a geopolitical and geo-economic view of major advanced technology weapons systems. We regularly publish extracts of the publication to give a taste of its content.

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To The Point, Context n°111, December 2007 — F-15 crisis, A US(AF) Crisis    29/12/2007

The USAF F-15's fleet is becoming older, faster than the USAF anticipated. This is opening a crisis in the US arsenal, which is mirroring the crisis of the overextended US power.

To The Point, Context n°108, September 2007 — Return to Reality    20/11/2007

Israel is taking a second, hard look to JSF, with an order which is downed from 100 to 25. For the first time, the new “wonder hyper-technological plane” is appreciated in relation with its real combat capabilities.

To The point, Context n°107, July-August, 2007 — A Raptor fo All Seasons    14/07/2007

Japan wants the F-22 Raptor for its forces and some people in Australia are favouring the F-22 in place of the JSF. Key question and an audacious hypothesis: is the Raptor becoming a concurrent of the JSF on the export market?

Editorial, Context n°105, May 2007 — La Grande Nation Speaks Out Loud and Clear    09/05/2007

The first round of the Presidential election in France was, in a sense, the most important moment of this essential event. France, la Grande Nation, has rediscovered the soul of itself.

To The Point, Context n°92, February 2006 — Failed and Hijacked QDR    06/04/2006

The QDR 2005 was announced as a major revolutionnary event. The whole thing has failed and the process has been hijacked by the Pentagon bureaucracy. Rumsfeld is the main casualty.

To The Point, context n°79 (December 2004) — The Polish F-16 Deal & BPJ    06/11/2005

As we saw (see Faits & Commentaires, 22 September, 2005), Bruce P. Jackson is back in town. To documente his lobbying skill, we published the story of the Polish F-16 Deal in which he payed an important role.

Editorial, Context n°86 (July 2005) — Did Someone Say ‘Blitz’?    04/08/2005

Certainly, there is the horror of all terrorist acts. Expatiating on them and lashing out against their barbarity comes all to easily. That makes it possible to gauge the ignorance and the superficiality of analysis which characterize what could be term

To The Point, Context n°85 (June 2005) — Where Is Europe Heading?    01/08/2005

From the affirmation of European Defense by French Minister of Defense Michèle Alliot-Marie (MAM) to the first official European questionning about the 'European Preference' problematic

To The Point, Context n°84 (May 2005) — Bureaucratic Imperialism & Bureaucratic Coup    04/07/2005

A ‘perfect operation’ in the Italian sky on 8 April, with US intelligence informations and scrambling Italian's F-16. US Bureaucratic imperialism in action, to take control of the Italian forces. But will this 'bureaucratic Coup' succeed? Not so sure.

Analysis, Context n°79 (December, 2004) — The French Factor    08/03/2005

Treated with contempt, ridiculed, sidelined, France today is prominent, if not preeminent in all the institutions that matter in providing an alternative to Americanization.

To The Point, Context n°75 (July 2004) — Somber Anniversary, Ten Years of US Defense Industry's Consolidation    25/11/2004

While the Pentagon is reopening the competition for the $23 billion tankers bid for the USAF after the collapse of the KC-767 Boeing programm, an analysis of the main cause of this turmoil: the failure of the consolidation of the US industry.

A Furtive Revolution Founded on Stealth    17/05/2004

• Stealth technology is a myth, a sort of “technologie-culte” of our time. The abandonment of the Comanche combat helicopter is the first time that such a decision is taken for a stealth system. We look at the history and raison d'être of stealth. • From Context n°72 (April 2004), To The Point, .

To The point, Context n°66 (October, 2003) — Comparing Iraqi Freedom and Operation Artemis    09/10/2003

In comparing Iraqi Freedom (March-April 2003 in Irak) and Operation Artemis (June-September in Congo), we try de look at the evolution of the concept of “war” in the post-9/11 world.

Defense Export: The JSF Ideology    30/03/2003

Evolution of weapons exports in broad outline: the example selected is the most structured and as well as the most radical. The US holds center stage, with the JSF and its global reach, but with an unexpected dimension — an ideological one.

To The Point, Context n°57 (December, 2002) — Europe in the Making?    19/01/2003

Analysis of the strategic position of Europe in the transatlantic situation (relations between Europe and USA). Position and evolution of the strategic industry (armament, aerospace) in this context. Centrality of the JSF factor.

To The Point, Context n°55 (October, 2002) — The “Babelization” of the JSF    07/11/2002

* The striking success of the marketing campaign of the JSF programm is making of it a true international programm. * But this success has its own weakness, a threat of fragmentation and disorder within the programm.

To The Point, Context n°54 (August-September 2002) — EFA, JSF and their strategic relationship    29/10/2002

* British strategy, including strategy with the Irakian crisis, and the Eurofighter (EFA) destiny. * EFA and the American JSF, are they Friend or Foe? Or Friend and Foe?

Analysis, Context n°53 (July 2002) — Revolution from Above    21/09/2002

The Pentagon is having its revolution It is now a matter of putting on the back-burner all the war-making capability in favor of communicating information on the war.

Analysis, Context n°51 (May 2002) - Stealth by Any Means    15/06/2002

From Context Archives: in the pantheon of technological marvels, stealth technology is in first place. We revisit the Pentagon intra-bureaucratic squabbling which resulted in enshrining stealth in that position.

To The Point, Context n°44 (March-April 2001) - The JSF in Extremis    03/01/2001

UK signed in extremis, four days before the end of the Clinton Administration, a Memorendum onf Understanding for participation in the US JSF Program. In this To The Point column, we made an analysis of this action and hypothesis on its prospect.