Article : Paul-2011 en pleine explosion de popularité, en attendant 2012

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que pensez vous de cette vision tres américaine des choses?..............

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The Unintended Empire
John Mauldin
December 22, 2011
A new year is almost upon us, so now seems like a perfect time to step back from the (many) crises at hand and take stock of the big picture. According to my friend & fellow thinker George Friedman, the big picture of the next 10 years is this: America will dominate, and the American president will have to figure out how to act as global emperor without admitting that’s what he is.
George’s newest book, The Next Decade, comes out in paperback in January; and he’s graciously agreed to let me send you the first chapter, which backs up the bold statements above. We don’t always agree, but I have to give George credit. He’s an expert at constructing an argument.
If the first chapter whets your appetite, you can <

> when you subscribe to STRATFOR, a geopolitical intelligence company founded and led by George. It is the publication to read if you’re interested in foreign affairs. Plus, OTB readers can get a hefty discount.
Your really glad I’m not a global emperor analyst,
John Mauldin, Editor
Outside the Box

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