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13 mars 2003 — La guerre est pour demain, ou tout comme, — disent-ils. Faisons comme si... Il faut savoir ce que nous en aurons d’abord, en fait d’information, malgré une présence journalistique considérable. Le fait est simple : nous aurons un flot d’informations orientées, propagandistes, complètement contrôlé par les militaires américains. Nous le savons déjà, avant la guerre. C’est ce qu’explique Kate Adie, reporter chevronnée de la BBC, qui ne sera pas sur place alors qu’elle suit toujours cette sorte d’événements.

Voici une transcription d’un extrait d’une interview de Adie, le 9 mars 2003, à la radio irlandaise RTE, à l’émission Sunday Show . L’animateur et journaliste Tom MLcGurk accueille Kate Adie. Celle-ci nous dit que pour avoir notre information sur la guerre, il faudra attendre que des journalistes reviennent, qu’ils soient “libres” de parler, — un peu comme on disait avant des Soviétiques qu’ils devaient “passer à l’Ouest” pour pouvoir parler...


Ce qu’on ne vous dira pas...

Tom McGurk: Now, Kate Adie, you join us from the BBC in London. Thank you very much for going to all this trouble on a Sunday morning to come and join us. I suppose you are watching with a mixture of emotions this war beginning to happen, because you are not going to be covering it.

Kate Adie: Oh I will be. And what actually appalls me is the difference between twelve years ago and now. I've seen a complete erosion of any kind of acknowledgment that reporters should be able to report as they witness.

The Americans... and I've been talking to the Pentagon ...take the attitude which is entirely hostile to the free spread of information.

I was told by a senior officer in the Pentagon, that if uplinks — that is the television signals out of... Bhagdad, for example — were detected by any planes ...electronic media... mediums, of the military above Bhagdad... they'd be fired down on. Even if they were journalists ..' Who cares! ' [he] said...

Tom McGurk: ...Kate ...sorry Kate ..just to underline that. Sorry to interrupt you. Just to explain for our listeners. Uplinks is where you have your own satellite telephone method of distributing information.

Kate Adie: The telephones and the television signals.

Tom McGurk: And they would be fired on?

Kate Adie: Yes. They would be “targeted down,” said the officer.

Tom McGurk: Extraordinary!

Kate Adie: Shameless!

He said.. “Well... they know this ... they've been warned.” This is threatening freedom of information, before you even get to a war.

The second thing is there was a massive news blackout imposed. In the last Gulf war, where I was one of the pool correspondents with the British Army, we effectively had very, very light touch when it came to any kind of censorship.

We were told that anything which was going to endanger troops lives which we understood we shouldn't broadcast. But other than that, we were relatively free.

Unlike our American colleagues, who immediately left their pool, after about 48 hours, having just had enough of it.

And this time the Americans are: a) Asking journalists who go with them, whether they are... have feelings against the war. And therefore if you have views that are skeptical, then you are not to be acceptable.

Secondly, they are intending to take control of the Americans technical equipment ...those uplinks and satellite phones I was talking about. And control access to the airwaves.

And then on top of everything else, there is now a blackout (which was imposed, during the last war, at the beginning of the war), ...ordered by one Mr. Dick Cheney, who is in charge of this.

I am enormously pessimistic of the chance of decent on-the-spot reporting, as the war occurs. You will get it later.


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