Bizarro, vous avez bien dit Bizarro... ?

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Bizarro, vous avez bien dit Bizarro... ?

Nous enregistrâmes l’emploi de l’expression Bizarro World, qui relève de la bande dessinée, catégorie “colosses américanistes” (Superman, dans ce cas), le 22 novembre 2003, sous la plume de Justin Raimondo dans sa chronique du 13 février 2003, cherchant à définir le monde-bulle (de BD), le monde d’une réalité fabriquée, virtuelle, où évoluait la secte GW-Cheney : « We’re living in a comic book world, where American superheroes confront an ‘Axis of Evil,’ and the Evil One (Lex Luthor?) is defeated but lives to fight another day. I hear that comics have fallen on hard times, and that today's sophisticated kids just can't be bothered (too much like reading), but, really, if it wasn't for my early infatuation with the world of DC Comics – Superman especially – the post-9/11 world would seem completely inexplicable. I remember one story-line that had Superman trapped in ‘Bizarro World’ – another dimension, existing alongside our own, in which everything was weirdly skewed, perversely inverted: a parody of our own... »

Voici que l’expression, utilisée in illo tempore par un antiSystème pour décrire le comportement complètement bizarro du Sysytème, l’est aujourd’hui par un analyste du Système pour décrire le comportement complètement bizarro des mécanisme qui lui sont les plus chers : ainsi les temps changent-ils... Adam Parker et Morgan-Stanley, qui a fait roi le marché et sa logique déstructurante devenue folle ? jubile ce 17 février 2016, non pas à cause d'un nouveau soubresaut des marchés mais à propos de l’aveu que fait l’analyste financer Adam Parker, de la banque Morgan-Stanley , devant l’incompréhensibilité des variations du marché, de rebonds en effondrements sans cesser, devant l’absence de logique de l’événement, devant l’incapacité de prévoir quoi que ce soit, devant ce monde, son Système, qui lui glisse des doigts comme ferait le sable. Adam Parker nous offre ce constat à l’occasion d’une revue des conseils que son organisation a donnés aux investisseurs ces dernières semaines : “Faire le contraire de ce que nous recommandions aurait été indiscutablement mieux” ; et il rythme tous ces divers constats de l’expression “Bizarro World”, qui veut dire plus que “monde bizarre”... Quelques extraits de l’article de, agrémenté du commentaire de Adam Parker, suivis d’une correction de, proclamant la responsabilité du Système dans cette sorte d’erratisme de lui-même perdant complètement ses sens habituels de contrôle et de logique interne

« While we have generally disagreed with Morgan Stanley's Adam Parker flipflopping on stocks some two years ago, or just as the market was topping out, we can't find fault with his latest note released today in which he openly admits that "our portfolio advice has been pretty horrendous lately. As my 90-year old Latin teacher used to tell the class in 1985, “son, you are in left field, without a glove, with the sun in your eyes.”

» “For those who follow our portfolio, we did quite well over the five years from 2011-2015. But, our portfolio just had its worst month in 61 months in January, and things have not improved in February. The market is down more than we thought it would be. Our biggest sector bet has been financials (particularly credit cards). As an investor recently said to us at a conference, ‘I am doing a lot of things, just nothing with confidence”. Doing the opposite of what we recommended would have been better. Bizarro World. Or at least hopefully not the real world.”

» Why has said advice been horrendous? In three words, blame “bizarro world.” Here's why:

» Martin Marietta reported last week, and they and a couple of other materials companies have blamed their poor quarters on the rain. Even Milli Vanilli’s success with this line turned out to be fake. The rain? Oh, the stock went up a lot that day. Bizarro World. The credit card companies are discounting a consumer recession. The banks are discounting an industrials recession. But, Visa said volumes were good in January, and jobs, housing, delinquencies, confidence, and other metrics appear to belie the market price action. Bizarro World. Companies with good results are being hammered. Companies with bad results have stopped going down, with freight, WMT, and other  prior losers outperforming. Bizarro World.”

» We truly find it amusing how increasingly more “serious people” allign with our cynical view of the “market”, one in which nothing makes sense and merely reporting on day-to-day centrally-planned events, which have zero logical continuity or cause and effect, is grounds for constant entertainment. What is Adam Parker's recommendation? “Are we on a cube-shaped planet? Should ‘Us do opposite of all Earthly things?’ Everything seems backwards. Sell winners, buy losers, own staples in both up and down markets. Just do the opposite of what makes sense. Bizzaro World.” [...]

» No Adam, not Bizarro world, a world taken over by central planners. And yes, even the most rigged markets can go down as well as up. Enjoy. And we hope our readers enjoy some of the excerpts from Parker's full note because it is truly an amusing admission of just how broken everything is.

» Bizarro World... »


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