Article : La référence militaire russe et l’hyperimpuissance-BAO

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F-Word : F for Fake



Et pendant ce temps là les experts anglo-saxons persiflent ...

François Heisbourg @FHeisbourg  Jan 31
Why does this remind me of the battle of Agincourt? @SputnikInt: RUS exoskeletons #technology

François Heisbourg @FHeisbourg  Feb 1
GrahamGreene's fault?"@hdevreij: @FHeisbourg @letemps Although popularised by'The Third Man',the clock is of GER,not Swiss origin ;)"

Hans de Vreij @hdevreij  Feb 1
@FHeisbourg @letemps Swissinfo cites Greene's daughter: "Orson Welles put that in. It wasn't in the original script"

Our  works in stone, in paint, in print, are spared, some of them, for a few decades or a millennium or two, but everything must finally fall in war
Orson Welles : Vérités et Mensonges.