Article : Vision de William S. Lind

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Vision to Multi Vision to Partial Vision



Typically, an older generation requires much greater resources to achieve a given end than does its successor. Today, the United States is spending $500 million apiece for stealth bombers. A terrorist stealth bomber is a car with a bomb in the trunk—a car that looks like every other car.

J.S.lind The Changing Face of war

Parmi les autres signataires du fameux article sur la G4G, il y avait le Colonel Keith-Nightingale qui tient une rubrique régulière sur le site smallwars et le colonel Gary I Wilson qui est conseiller au Center for Defense Information at POGO, dont nous avons remarqué le dernier article : F-35 May Never Be Ready for Combat

One of the main selling points for the F-35 has been that its computer system is intended to merge the information from all these onboard and offboard sensors to create a simple combined-sensor display ... Test pilots have worked around this problem by turning off all but one of their sensors to eliminate the multiple tracks.