Article : Verdun, ou La java du Diable

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Les Âmes de Verdun

Gerben de Oude


My name is Gerben de Oude. I'm not French but Dutch and a fervent   reader/donator of A week ago, before the 'commemorations' in Verdun, I finished your book Les Âmes de Verdun.
It made a very deep impression on me and I think it is a great and magnificent book, and  with these beautifull photographs a monument of art dedicated to all those who resisted and fought/died there in this epic batlle against "l'ideologie de la puissance" and won victorious
I think every frenchman who loves his country should read it. 
I'm astonished nobody mentioned it. 
For me, who did not know anything about it, apart from reading about it in La Grace de l'Histoire,  it was a real profound experience reading it.
 So I thank you, so to say from the bottom of my heart.
 Yours sincerely.

 Gerben or Ben de Oude