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Comment Brown traite un allié, de l'OTAN, Nordique ... avertissement aux naifs !

Francis Lambert


... As grave as their situation already was, they say, Britain - their old friend, NATO ally and trading partner - made it immeasurably worse.
... Britain took the extraordinary step of using its 2001 antiterrorism laws to freeze the British assets of a failing Icelandic bank. (NB : l’usage détourné des lois anti-terroristes par Brown contre les Islandais ... en attendant le continent maudit)
... The Icelandic prime minister, Geir H. Haarde, accused Britain of “bullying a small neighbor” and said the action was “very out of proportion.”
... Gordon Brown, had sacrificed Iceland “for his own short-term political gain,” thereby turning “a grave situation into a national disaster.”
... “The compensation that we would give would be twice as much per head as the reparations Germany faced in the Treaty of Versailles after the First World War,” she said. “That is something we cannot afford.”
... Britain’s decision had sent Iceland back some 30 or 40 years, to a time when it was an isolated, poor country, dependent mostly on its fishing trade.
We need solidarity from partners, from friendly countries, and we thought the U.K. was one of them.”

( Politique Britannique toute réaliste : une attaque disproportionnée avec les armes du terrorisme contre un petit pays non protégé par l’eurozone et réduit absurdement à la faillite : vive Brown, vive l’alliance avec Poutine et que crèvent les morveux.
Sarkozy choisit ses amis, Brown après Blair, Berlusconi, Poutine ... vive “la grande vision” des grandes Nations d’europe.

Les hyènes d’europe ressortent des bois. )

2008/11/02, New York Times : Iceland, Mired in Debt, Blames Britain for Woes, SARAH LYALL