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Le journal auquel se réfère le professeur Raoult dans son interview (« Il y a un effet de conviction qui a été dit d’une manière intéressante dans le Journal [inaudible] par le directeur du Centre Médical des Etats-Unis ; ) est Nature, du 3 décembre 2021.

On peut trouver l'interview ici (donné par le directeur du National Institutes of Health [NIH], alors qu'il quitte son poste de directeur) :

Voici le titre de l'article, son chapô et la fin de l'interview à laquelle M. Raoult fait probablement allusion:

Science misinformation alarms Francis Collins as he leaves top NIH job

The genome project leader reflects on his 12 years at the helm of a juggernaut biomedical agency, and what lies ahead.

You’ve watched science and politics collide for years. Do you believe politicization of science has grown worse?
It is much worse. And it’s a reflection of the fact that polarization is much worse — and tribalism is much worse. We’re in a really bad place. If science happens to produce a result that a political perspective doesn’t like, then science has to be attacked. That’s exactly what we see now happening, to the detriment of getting the facts out there.
What role does the NIH have in pushing back against misinformation about science?
This has turned out to be a much more severe situation than I would have imagined a year ago. I wish we had more insights from behavioural social science research into how this has come to pass, and why it could have gotten so completely widespread. I want to call this out as one of my most major concerns as I stepped down from the NIH, of looking at the situation in our nation. Somewhere along the way, our political hyperpolarization began having a lot of really dangerous consequences, where in many instances we seem to have lost a sense of how to tell the difference between a fact and an opinion — or some Facebook post that’s, frankly, a lie. That’s truly dangerous. That’s another epidemic that is not going to go away even if we triumph over COVID-19. We need to figure out what happened here, and how to bring ourselves back to a place where our nation has a more stable future.

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