Article : Notes sur le virtualisme (dde.crisis)

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Virtualisme économique versus écologique ... virtualisme flip-flop ?

Francis Lambert


1. Virtualism: a new political economy By James G. Carrier, Daniel Miller (first edited 1998)

Contributors show how economics has come to portray a virtual reality - a world that seems real but is merely a reflection of a neo-classical model - and how governments, the World Bank and the IMF combine to stamp the world with a virtual image that condemns as irrational our local social and cultural arrangements. Further, it is argued that virtualism represents the worrying emergence of new forms of abstraction in the political economy, of which economics is just one example.

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2. Virtualism, governance and practice: vision and execution in environmental conservation
Berghahn Books, 2009

Many people investigating the operation of large-scale environmentalist organizations see signs of power, knowledge and governance in their policies and projects. This collection indicates that such an analysis appears to be justified from one perspective, but not from another. The chapters in this collection show that the critics, concerned with the power of these organizations to impose their policies in different parts of the world, appear justified when we look at environmentalist visions and at organizational policies and programs. However, they are much less justified when we look at the practical operation of such organizations and their ability to generate and carry out projects intended to reshape the world.

NB: Depuis 1950 on a vu l’émergence de l’environmentalisme (l’écologie) qui n’est pas qu’une manière de penser mais c’est traduit en actes et organisations : une expression institutionelle qui impose un autre ordre au monde et ses habitants. Cette approche intellectuelle va dans la mauvaise direction car elle est partiale. etc…

Le virtualisme utilisé comme un concept flip-flop que chacun peut s’envoyer à la figure ?