Article : Notes sur des spécial relationships en embuscade (dde.crisis)

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Blair ... et Murdoch ? New Larbin ... et l'oligarque néocon.

Francis Lambert


The PM, the mogul and the secret agenda

Tony Blair flies to California this week to address the annual get-together of News Corporation - led by one Rupert Murdoch. From Europe to broadcasting, terrorism to the direction of the nation, what is the truth about one of the most intriguing relationships in British public life?

“... His blessing matters not just because a man who owns a paper that reaches 42 per cent of the reading market should know what makes people tick. Chasing the Sun’s endorsement in 1997 after decades of support for the Tories symbolised New Labour’s coming of age.

... Murdoch believes fundamentally in strong defence and law and order, small government, and low taxes: he would only support a candidate sceptical on Europe, committed to the war on terror, and free market-orientated enough not to threaten his business interests.

... the decisions Murdoch makes could change the way you read, watch, consume and, perhaps, even vote. Which is why Blair is going.
... It is a drastic charge, that Murdoch altered the course of history and the economy.
... ‘I always took the view that Tony Blair’s real Europe minister was [Sun political editor] Trevor Kavanagh,’ says Cook’s then special adviser, David Clark.
... In other areas Murdoch’s pro-American, pro-Israeli, pro-military intervention stance on the war on terrorism is faithfully reflected in Downing Street.

Le “souverainisme” anglais dans toute sa splendeur ...