Article : L’Ukraine, ou la révolution qui swingue

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Pierre Omidyar co-funded Ukraine revolution groups with US government, documents show

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un article de Greenwald en réponse à l’article de Ames

Blog « The Vineyard of the Saker » sur l'Ukraine

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Article d’un blog de très bonne facture (les commentaires aussi) sur les évènements en Ukraine :

en conclusion : « It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic: the so-called “anti-corruption” revolutionary regime appoints oligarchs to save the Ukraine.  When I saw that one it really felt like we were entering the twilight zone or lala land where the most ridiculous and crazy things could happen.  This makes for great stories, but for politics this is a recipe for disaster.  Sure, these oligarchs have more money that the RRK [revolutionary regime in Kiev], but they made that money by robbing the Ukraine of everything it had.  And if anybody seriously believes that the Russians will deal with these two thugs then they are dreaming. »

Pour revenir sur l’arrivée rapide de soldats sans identification, deux éléments (au stade d’hypothéses) ont pu jouer :

1) sur on lit :

« Finally, it was reported that a Turkish airliner which was scheduled to land in Crimea decided to turn around and fly back upon hearing the news of the seizure of the airports.

What does all that mean?

I will be honest with you and immediately admit that I don’t know for sure.  My sense is that something triggered an alert on the Russian side, possibly the arrival of the Turkish aircraft.  After all, why did it turn back instead of either landing like other aircraft did, or land somewhere nearby?  Could it be that there was something aboard this plane which the Turks did not want the Russians to seize? »

2) lien trouvé dans les commentaires de l’article précédent :

On y lit : « Everything is going according to the plan. We are ready to proceed with the second part of the play. As agreed earlier last week, my guys together with people from the »Karpatskaya Sech« and UNA-UNSO will arrive wherever is needed and with the necessary weapons. You only need to let us know the addresses of the warehouses in Simferopol, Sevastopol, Kerch, Feodosia and Yalta, and the time of the meeting…Don’t worry about the money, everything will be fine, just a little bit later. In the end, you know that if we succeed, you will get a lot more. »