Article : L’eschatologie de Louis Michel

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The idea of serving Humanity is to replace the idea of serving God. Annie Besant



On remarquera que Carnegie Europe propose aussi l'utilisation de l'Article 7 concernant la Hongrie, franchement est ce que l'IFRI demande la sortie du Texas des USA ?

And third, it should use the procedure foreseen in Article 7 of the EU treaty to punish Hungary for breaching the EU’s values. The EU can only continue to exist as a community based on unassailable rights and unbreakable norms lien

L' affaire est allée plus loin que Louis Michel, puisque le groupe ALDE himself a évoqué la possibilité d'utiliser l'Article 7 lien

On remarquera que Sophia in 't Veld la vice présidente du groupe est vent debout contre la Hongrie

ALDE Group @ALDEgroup  Sep 23
BREAKING We call for activation art. 7 @SophieintVeld #Hungary

ALDE Group @ALDEgroup  Sep 23
Situation in #Hungary is serious enough to justify activation art. If not EU loses credibility as community of values @SophieintVeld

Elle avait déjà interpellé la commission au mois d'avril

Il en résulte que l'on a pas le droit de poser de mauvaises questions

28 April 2015 Sophia in 't Veld (ALDE) , Louis Michel (ALDE) , Jean-Marie Cavada (ALDE)

Subject:  National consultation on immigration and terrorism in Hungary Answer(s)

In the wake of the recent tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea, the Hungarian Government announced a national consultation on immigration and terrorism, which will run from the beginning of May until 1 July 2015(1). A questionnaire will be sent to every Hungarian citizen and, once the responses have been collected, the government will announce the results. The introduction to the questionnaire states that economic migrants pose a new type of threat, which must be stopped. It stresses that as Brussels has failed to address immigration appropriately, Hungary must follow its own path and not allow economic migrants to jeopardise the jobs and livelihoods of Hungarians.

1. Does the Commission consider this initiative to be an incitement to hatred and contradictory to EU values and laws?
2. What action does it intend to take, and what instruments does it have in its legal toolkit to tackle this kind of violation of EU values and laws?
3. Does it consider that it would be possible for the Hungarian people to opt for the proposed changes to immigration laws within the framework of the EU Treaties?

23 July 2015 Answer given by Vice-President Timmermans on behalf of the Commission

As stated by First Vice-President Timmermans during the EP plenary session of 19 May 2015, although the Commission considers that public consultations can be an important tool
for policy development, a public consultation based on bias and misleading questions, cannot be considered a fair and objective basis for designing sound policies.

Framing immigration in the context of terrorism, depicting migrants as a threat to jobs and the livelihood of people, is malicious and simply wrong — it will only feed
misconceptions and prejudice

On comprend d'autant moins la hargne de Sophia in 't Veld lien qu'elle fait partie de deux organismes qui pronent la liberté totale d'expression

La National Secular Society
Secularism protects free speech and expression. Religious people have the right to express their beliefs publicly but so do those who oppose or question those beliefs. Religious beliefs, ideas and organisations must not enjoy privileged protection from the right to freedom of expression. In a democracy, all ideas and beliefs must be open to discussion. Individuals have rights, ideas do not lien

la Privacy International
No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home, or correspondence. lien

La liberté Individuelle : OUI, la liberté de Religion OUI, la liberté de commercer OUI, la liberté politique NON !

Du coup on se prend à rêver, pourrait on pousser la perfide Albion hors d'europe en invoquant l'Article 7 ?

NON nous répond @SophieintVeld ...

ALDE Party @ALDEParty  Sep 20 Bournemouth, England
Dutch @D66 MEP @SophieintVeld speaking at #ldconf of UK @LibDems: 'Should the UK stay in #EU? Yes, Prime Minister'