Article : L’absence de Poutine à Auschwitz : un cas passionnel

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Haaretz: Poutine devrait etre l'invité d'honneur

Patrice Coste


Le Haaretz a sorti plusieurs papiers, dont celui-ci:
du 13 janvier:
Titre: Putin’s absence would tarnish Auschwitz commemoration ceremony

Extrait: But for anyone interested in the commemoration of the liberation of the place in which over a million people, most of them Jews, were slaughtered, Putin’s nonappearance at the ceremony is intolerable: it is an affront to the memory of the victims themselves. Of all the foreign leaders that ought to be present at the ceremony, Putin is first in line. In many ways, he should be the guest of honor.

“à bien des égards, [Poutine] devrait etre l’invité d’honneur.”