Article : La psychologie de la contrition et la continuité psychologique américaniste

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Ralph Peters: A moins qu'il ne vous inspire?



WE’RE condemned to lead.

  Ralph Peters November 3, 2008

No matter which presidential candidate we choose tomorrow, his decisions to act or not to act will determine not only the safety of our country but the future of the world.

Allies and non-aligned states kick and complain, but expect us to make their boo-boos go away. Ignore the nonsense about America’s (oft-predicted and yet to be witnessed) decline: We remain the indispensable power.

When we act, we’ll be called a bully. When we fail to act, we’ll be mocked as weak. No president can enduringly please foreign powers and populations. Our might - which remains unparalleled - was resented, is resented and will be resented. That’s human nature.

Et un que j'avais raté: 12 Myths of 21st-Century War By Ralph Peters October 22, 2007



12 Myths of 21st-Century War

By Ralph Peters October 22, 2007

Unaware of the cost of freedom and served by leaders without military expertise, Americans have started to believe whatever’s comfortable

None of us knows what our strategic future holds, but we have no excuse for not knowing our own past. We need to challenge inaccurate assertions about our policies, about our past and about war itself. And we need to work within our community and state education systems to return balanced, comprehensive history programs to our schools. The unprecedented wealth and power of the United States allows us to afford many things denied to human beings throughout history. But we, the people, cannot afford ignorance.