Article : Comme la peste, l’américanisation est une maladie qui s’attrape vite

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What country has the best army ∫

Lambrechts Francis


Taking into account quantity and quality, the ten most deadly armies on the planet belong to China, the United States, India, Russia, North Korea, South Korea, Turkey, Israel, Pakistan and Iran. America isn’t on top because, while our ground forces are formidable, superior equipment and training go only so far to make up for the numerical advantage the Chinese have.

We saw that fifty years ago in Korea. The Chinese used manpower to make up for less technology and fought us to a standstill. It can happen again. For more details on how the top ten were selected, wander over to the Top Ten section of ... The other armies are the most powerful in their neighborhoods.

... Following the top ten are Germany, Taiwan, Vietnam, France, Egypt, Iraq, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Britain and Brazil. ( “Dirty Little Secrets”  by James F. Dunnigan “The Ten Armies You Don’t Want to Fight” )

... one Reader comment : no one has the best army… the question should read… Which country has the most destructive power using military force ? in this case I would probably say the united states. to call them the best though somehow makes me die a little bit inside.