Article : Brzezinski prend acte de la crise du Système

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La Russie liquide ses Treasury$ depuis 14 mois, la Chine de même

Francis Lambert


Russia Dumps Treasurys For 14 Consecutive Months; China Slashes Holdings To Lowest In Over A Year

Also confirming that the Asian anti-USD axis is now one which consists of at least Russia and China (and certainly Iran), was the stepwise dump of US paper by Beijing which sold $32 billion in US bonds in December, bringing its total to a new post 2010 low of $1100.7 billion. And lastly, this was not isolated to just these two: in December the grand total of US Treasury holding by foreigners declined from $4.75 trillion to $4.732 trillion.

L’axe asiatique anti-$ ( Russie - Chine - Iran) : - $1100.7 billions ... mais les autres vendent aussi.
Graphique : “total foreign sales were the largest since January 2010”.

Les USA achètent de plus en plus d"oil” russe ... de nimportequoi chinois ... qui refusent les papiers verts ?! ... ils prennent des actifs ou du “real-estate” (toujours en chute) alors ?!
J’y perd mon grec.