“Jour de rage” à Wall Street

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“Jour de rage” à Wall Street

Grande crainte à Wall Street, pour une fois détachée de la tragi-comédie permanente des “marchés” et des soubresauts des cours qui vont avec. Il s’agit de la promesse d’un rassemblement, le 17 septembre, avec occupation, protestation, etc., dans les locaux du New York Stock Exchange. Le rassemblement est composé de divers groupes d’activistes de différentes tendances, mais nettement de gauche ; allant des “révolutionnaires gauchistes” selon leur propre description, à certains partisans de gauche d’Obama. Malgré le caractère hétéroclite du rassemblement, malgré une certaine incompréhension de ses buts en “occupant” Wall Street, l’idée semble avoir pris de l’ampleur et certains commentateurs extérieurs ont montré leur “sympathie” pour le mouvement. On compte que cette opération pourrait rassembler des milliers, voire des dizaines de milliers de manifestants, – à Wall Street, mais aussi ailleurs ; et l’on note, bien entendu, que la référence au “printemps arabe” est présente…

Il y a eu évidemment, en réaction, une certaine mobilisation contre le mouvement, ce qui a permis au moins de lui donner un crédit supplémentaire. Des groupes de la droite républicaine ou assimilés dénoncent une tentative de “guérilla anti-capitaliste”, un complot pour une révolution marxiste, etc. On dira que tous les ingrédients du désordre et de la confusion, du moins au niveau de la communication, sont présents.

Attendons le 17 septembre en lisant l’article du New American du 13 septembre 2011, «“Day of Rage” Wall St. Occupation Sparks Fears».

«Analysts are warning that serious chaos could ensue as a coalition of radical activists, leftist organizations, self-described “revolutionaries” and anti-capitalist agitators — some of whom are reportedly linked to the Obama administration — plots to “occupy" Wall Street starting on September 17. Under the banner of a “Day of Rage,” critics and supporters say the protests could be just the start of something much bigger — and the list of targeted cities in the U.S. and around the world is still growing.

»The real goals of the effort remain murky. But despite the apparent socialist and collectivist bent of many participants, even some constitutionalists have expressed tepid sympathy after organizers released a statement blasting the American “kleptocracy” run by “banksters.”

» “We must stop their influence, their motives, and their tricks, from continuing to destroy our democratic republic,” concluded a “tactical plan” released last week by one of the organizations affiliated with the movement. The group, known as US Day of Rage, also called for an end to the influence of money in politics. “We demand that the resources of our nation no longer be used to coddle and benefit banksters and their minions,” the statement said. “We demand that our nation no longer be held hostage to 'too big to fail' banks.” The document also played on widespread resentment against the U.S. central bank and its policies. “We demand that solutions be found that stop the Federal Reserve from stealing our future,” it said.

»While confusion about the upcoming events and the official goals is rampant even among participants, organizers are estimating that the number of protesters just in New York could be in the tens of thousands — maybe more. “Solidarity” demonstrations are also being planned from San Francisco and Los Angeles to London, Paris and Madrid.

»The idea behind the scheme slowly evolved from a single day of protests — apparently inspired by recent uprisings in the Middle East — into what organizers have now started calling an “occupation.” Many activists were planning to set up tents and camp out for weeks or even months. Some said they would stay until their demands are met.

»Even while distributing information about civil disobedience, resisting arrest and interfering with court proceedings, groups and websites associated with the event have repeatedly stated that the protests will be “non-violent.” Critics, however, are warning that violence and rioting could become the order of the day. “American radicals are planning hundreds of simultaneous violent uprisings to topple our system of capitalism,” warned Ron Arnold with the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise in an e-mail. “I'm talking about anti-capitalist terrorists in our own country.” The “militant progressives” plan to fill American streets with hundreds of thousands of demonstrators “hell-bent on creating Marxist-style revolution,” according to Arnold. “Their ultimate goal is to kill capitalism and replace it with socialism. And I guarantee that they'll stop at nothing to reach that goal.”»