John Kerry et le Mossad

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John Kerry et le Mossad

Le journaliste indépendant US Wayne Madsen cite des documents de la CIA sur l’activité de l’agence durant la guerre froide pour notamment s’interroger sur les capacités du Mossad israélien à exercer une influence sur le nouveau secrétaire d’État John Kerry. Il s’agit de documents donnant des précisions sur la collaboration entre la CIA et le Mossad, particulièrement en Europe occidentale et dans les colonies des pays d’Europe occidentale, dans des activités proches de celles des groupes de l’organisation Gladio ; le Mossad apportait une contribution importante, notamment à partir de ses correspondants dans les communauté juives, dans divers pays européens. Pour le cas de Kerry, il s’agit d’informations obtenues durant les événements de la “révolution des œillets” au Portugal en 1974, qui amena la chute de Salazar et, pendant un temps, des jeunes officiers réformistes et révolutionnaires de gauche au pouvoir. Les moyens de pression dont disposerait le Mossad concernent particulièrement la femme de Kerry et sa famille, propriétaires de la puissante compagnie H.J. Heinz.

Madsen ne précise pas comment il a obtenu ces documents, s’il s’agit d’une déclassification normale, etc. D’une façon générale, Madsen, en tant que journaliste indépendant, a un crédit certain et a montré qu’il dispose de sources intéressantes. Les précisions concernant John Kerry et sa famille, et le Mossad, sont notamment contenus dans un texte d’Intrepid Report du 5 février 2013.

«[…I]n what could prove embarrassing for America’s new Secretary of State, John Kerry, the Mossad amassed a large dossier on the leftist military officers who overthrew the right-wing regime of Portuguese Prime Minister Marcello Caetano in 1974. One of the files possessed by Mossad deals with a Portuguese naval officer from Mozambique and an ardent Portuguese Communist who supported the leftist Armed Forces coup of April 25, 1974, one Lieutenant Jose Pedro Simoes Ferreira.

»In 1974, Israel maintained close relations with the apartheid regime of South Africa and many South African Jewish Zionists were also invested in Mozambique business, particularly diamond exploration and mining. The thought of Portugal granting independence to left-wing governments (and future voting allies of the Arab nations in the United Nations) was anathema to Israel and South African Jews. Therefore, in 1975, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger dispatched CIA official Frank Carlucci as ambassador to Portugal to help identify and purge the more extreme factions in the new Portuguese government, particularly the Communists. One individual who was seen as a prime target was Simoes Ferreira. However, the CIA had its hands tied when it discovered that Senhor Ferreira had an influential brother-in-law, John Heiniz III, an heir to the H.J. Heinz Company but more importantly an ambitious Republican congressman from Pennsylvania. Simoes Ferreira is the older brother of Teresa Simoes-Ferreira Heinz, who is now Teresa Heinz Kerry, the wife of the new U.S. Secretary of State.

»Mossad was more than happy to pick up the slack, obtaining as much intelligence on Teresa and her brother Jose from their friends in South African intelligence.

»During the 2004 presidential campaign, Republican Party operatives working for Karl Rove were trying to dig up dirt on Mrs. Kerry’s left-wing ties while she was a student in South Africa. But former Navy Lt. Simoes Ferreira, who is now 78 and lives outside of Pittsburgh, never came up on Rove’s political radar screen.

»However, the same is not true for the Mossad, which, along with South Africa’s Bureau of State Security (BOSS), gathered a massive amount of intelligence from the Portuguese intelligence files in then-Lourenço Marques intelligence center in Mozambique before the coming to power of the Marxist National Liberation Front (FRELIMO) government in 1975. It is certain that Mossad will use its files on Kerry’s wife and brother-in-law to forestall any strong-arming of Israel by the State Department over Israeli settlement expansion on the West Bank. The Israelis can rely on its neo-conservative operatives in the American media, people like William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, to pound away at two ex-Portuguese colonials who saw Communism as being much more preferable than the fascism they lived under.

»One possible reason why the Israel Lobby refrained from using a “red hammer” on Kerry during his confirmation hearing is Kerry’s own paternal Jewish grand parentage and the fact that his brother Cameron Kerry is a convert to Judaism and a strong supporter of Israel…»


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