Delenda Est Systema (America)

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Delenda Est Systema (America)

Nous ne connaissons pas précisément l’auteur P.T. Carlo qui intervient ici, à partir du site russe nationaliste-souverainiste, le 23 septembre 2016, sinon qu’il est Américain et qu’il intervient dans la sphère du conservatisme que nous désignerions comme “révolutionnaire” pour compenser les tendances systématiques à l’inversion de cette époque (“révolutionnaire” dans la mesure d’une révolte radicale et effectivement révolutionnaire contre la pensée-Système). Ce texte se terminant part l’exorde “L’Amérique doit être détruite” à la manière du Delenda Est Cartago du vieux Caton, est absolument radical et extrême ; pour autant il n’est en rien excessif, ni exalté, il est même tout à fait raisonnable et mesuré car son radicalisme extrême est la seule réponse rationnelle à apporter à l’actuelle poussée dissolvante du Système (de l’Amérique). P.T. Carlo va au terme de sa logique, il place dans leur vrai contexte et leur réelle ambition toutes les entreprises selon l’argument “sociétal” de dissolution du corps social et de l’être, et de tout ce qui peut être tradition bien entendu. P.T. Carlo estime justement que face à cette entreprise qui fait de la postmodernité l’instrument opérationnel de ce que l’on doit nommer le Mal dans sa dimension démoniaque, aucun compromis, aucun arrangement n’est possible. C’est un combat à mort. (Notre seule intervention conforme à nos conceptions est, dans notre titre, d’introduire notre concept de “Système” qui englobe les USA comme composant essentiel, les USA ne formant pas à eux seuls le “Système”.)  




There can be no peace with the post-human american empire

The world is presently witnessing some the most dramatic and important geopolitical events since the fall of the Soviet Union. The American Empire, which was supposed to act as the policeman of World Peace ushered in by the end of history, has begun to unravel. The forces of Nationalism and Identity have risen to challenge the Universalist Totalitarianism preached by the Globalist Technocrats living in Brussels and Washington. Leading this revolt is the New Russia which, though not as populous as China or zealous as Iran, still remains the ideological leader of this war of resistance against Western Totalitarianism.

This may come as unwelcome news to Russian moderates who seek a compromise with the American Empire based on mutual respect and shared interests. The pretension of the realists is that, since in a pragmatic realpolitik sense the U.S. and Russia have very few areas of actual friction and in fact share many areas of mutual interest, that peaceful coexistence should be an obvious choice. While superficially true, this analysis misunderstands, perhaps purposefully, the actual nature of the United States as a political player and the mindset of the elites who control it.

The modern American Empire is a regime fueled by pure unadulterated ideology. Very few of the elites would consider themselves “Realists” in any meaningful sense of the word. Even the foreign policy of the Obama administration, which is, of course, less violent and confrontational than that advocated by Hillary Clinton and her deep state allies, is still extremely aggressive. Obama’s strategy for maintaining and expanding Liberal Hegemony is focused primarily on subterfuge (color revolutions, mass surveillance, drone strikes, funding Syrian Jihadis, etc.). This strategy is significantly more nuanced and sophisticated than a Clinton Administration would be and thus, on the surface, appears more pragmatic. But this apparently pragmatic approach is fueled not by a realist calculation of rational self-interest, but by the ideology of Liberal Hegemony.

The U.S. is wedded to the concept of its primacy in the Neo-Liberal world order, an order which entails the imposition of Western values such as the rule of the individual over the common good, the supremacy of Transnational Corporations and the legitimization of sexual deviancy. Any nations or peoples who stand in the way of these goals are considered, from the start, to be enemies to be destroyed.

This is only too obvious if one takes the time to read the Neo-Liberal propaganda now being churned out by “news” outlets across the West.  For instance, The New York Times recently published an open attack on the Russian Orthodox Church, which it has now identified as an enemy to its professed Ideology of Liberal totalitarianism. The article is a shameless smear piece that is full of disinformation, as is to be expected, but what is most interesting is its emphasis.  From the article:

“When gay activists staged a parade this summer in the center of Moldova’s capital, Chisinau, Mr. Dodon rallied his own supporters for a rival event dedicated to traditional values while a group of Orthodox priests gathered nearby to chant prayers and curse homosexuals.

The gay parade, which was joined by a number of Western diplomats, got called off after just a few blocks when it ran into a crowd of protesters waving religious banners and throwing eggs.”

The primary accusation leveled against the church is not that it is corrupt or hypocritical in an ordinary sense, but rather that it opposes the Neo-Liberal project of encouraging the worldwide spread of sexual deviancy. So in a strange, Orwellian sense, the charge being leveled is that the church’s corruption lies in its very lack of corruption. In a sense, the Russian Orthodox Church is not merely corrupt enough.

This sort of resistance to Western dictates, this refusal to partake Western pathologies, is simply unacceptable to Washington’s ruling class of elites. These elites rightly view the Russian Orthodox Church, and by extension, the Russian people themselves, as obstacles to their program and therefore enemies to be crushed. This is the psychology that explains the incredible aggressiveness of American policy towards Russia. Every move that has been enacted by Washington, from the expansion of NATO up to the edge of Russia’s borders to the attempt to topple the Russian government during the 2012 anti-Putin protests, has been predicated on this idea.

This brand of Ideological fanaticism is what kills every embryonic attempt at U.S.-Russian rapprochement in the womb. The truth is that such a detente is no longer possible; this is the harsh reality that those who advocate for realism would rather not see. It is now a zero sum game, a war of annihilation - a war which pits the advocates of Liberal totalitarianism, led by the Empire of the United States, on the one side against the forces of traditional human values, led by Russia, on the other.

This is the state of affairs whether Russia’s leaders wish it to be or not. For better or worse, this is the course that history has taken and Russia is now the the leader and prime symbol of this resistance. This is not a conscious choice made by Russia’s rulers in the Kremlin but rather the role designated to it by its very existence and by history.

Just as the disciplined land power Rome, by its very existence, was the natural foil and eternal enemy of the cosmopolitan sea power Carthage, so too is Russia now the eternal enemy of the American Empire.

This struggle is the defining conflict of the 21st century. But it will not be played out in the manner of a 19th-century style geopolitical game between great powers, as many seem to believe. This conflict is rather, by its very nature, an existential and spiritual struggle between two utterly opposed narratives of humanity. It is a battle between the forces of Humanity and the forces of Post-Humanity.

We can see the contours of this Post-Human worldview very clearly. The notorious Russian degenerate Masha Gessen stated, famously, that the explicit goal of LGBT ideology (the same Ideology of the American Empire) is the abolition of the Traditional Family, as Gessen put it: “It's a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist...I don't see why they (her children) shouldn't have five parents legally. I don't see why we should choose two of those parents and make them a sanctioned couple.” That Gessen’s stated goal of the destruction of traditional marriage drew applause should be unsurprising to anyone familiar with modern Western culture, as such sentiments have become ordinary amongst its ruling elites. Indeed, approval of Gessen's insane beliefs surely contributed to her obtaining employment as a regular contributor to the New York Times editorial page, where she regularly publishes venomous propaganda aimed at the country of her birth.

But the aims of the Post-Human American Empire extend much further than merely destroying the Traditional Family. The ultimate goal is the destruction of the very concept of the human person.

This was illustrated clearly In the pages of a recent edition of Time Magazine, in an article entitled: “My Brother’s Pregnancy and the Making of a New American Family”. The lead picture displays an image of what appears to be an obese, bearded man breastfeeding a child. Typically, such an image, to the eyes of traditional humanity, would seem to be, at best, a grotesque and distasteful practical joke and at worse as a kind of quasi-satanic desecration of the human form. The latter is a better reading, for the authors of the article, writing in one of the most historically influential magazines in the U.S., printed the image and accompanying article without any sense of irony. They present this grotesquerie, not as a horror or farce, but something to be praised and emulated.

As is by now well known, this is not an exception to the rule but rather the rule itself. Transgenderism, even more so than sodomy, has become one of the leading causes championed by the American Empire. Many critics mistake this project merely as a quest for licentiousness, for hedonism in the classical, libertine sense which is simply the result of decadence and wealth. This is a potentially disastrous misreading of the situation. While there is certainly no shortage of hedonism practiced in contemporary American culture, the pursuit of pleasure is not the primary impulse behind the transgender movement.

After all, “sexual reassignment” surgery is a process involving the manipulation of the human body via the use of hormone injections and the surgical mutilation of the subject’s sexual organs. Pleasure is obviously not the primary goal of the mentally unstable individuals who choose to undergo such a brutal procedure. They are rather seeking their own version of “the American Dream,” which is the pursuit, by any and all means available, of an individual’s “self-actualization.”

This self-actualization is the epitome of what the sociologist Philip Rieff, writing in the 1960’s, called America’s “Anti-Culture”’. According to Rieff in his brilliant book The Triumph of the Therapeutic, “Every culture is an institutionalized system of moral demands, elaborating the conduct of personal relations, a coset of compelling symbols.” Compelling symbols which coalesce to form a “great chain of meaning”. This chain of meaning has been the foundation on which all historical human societies have been built and sustained. The modern West is now united in its rejection of these traditional forms of culture.

The American Anti-Culture is a cult of the individual which seeks to reject all of the traditional regulations of human conduct that had previously been imposed by culture.

In its place, the Anti-Culture aims to ensure “Liberty” for all. As the American Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy opined in his 1992 opinion in the Planned Parenthood vs. Casey case, “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one's own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.” This is the essence of the Modern American Dream, the liberation of the individual’s will from all moral and cultural constraints, and enabling the will to pursue its ever-multiplying desires, regardless of how perverse, criminal or insane they may be.

This American Dream, as Elizabeth Lasch-Quinn notes in her introduction to Rieff's book, is ultimately a Gnostic one: “The therapeutic culture elevated self-obsession to a pseudo-religion, making it a version of the centuries-old Gnostic belief that the authentic, divine self needed to be freed from the corruption and restriction of society so that the real order of the world could be revealed.”

It is important to remember that most Americans believe this dream is not merely a desire that is a unique artifact of their society's particular historical development, but rather, that it is a universal desire that is shared by all human beings, regardless of religion, culture or ethnicity. This dangerous delusion is what animates America’s desire for perpetual warfare and is the myth by which it understands itself and its opponents. It is the fuel that drives not only the U.S. government's foreign policy but also the policies of U.S. aligned NGO’s like George Soro’s infamous Open Society Foundation.

Those who hope that a Trump victory in the Presidential elections will change this state of affairs will be sadly disappointed. While a Trump victory would undoubtedly be a significant setback for the Globalist Post-Humanists, it will not spell their defeat. At best it will buy those opposed to Liberal Hegemony precious time and space to prepare their defenses. The resources the Post-Humanists possess are truly formidable, and it will only be a matter of time before they launch a counterattack to retake the presidency and purge their opponents, as they possess virtually unlimited funds and also will retain complete control of almost all of the levers of power in the academic, media and governmental realms. This, of course, is an optimistic scenario, based on the premise that Trump can win in November. Though Trump has recently surged in the polls, a more realistic outcome is a narrow Clinton victory, the consequences of which would be significantly more bleak.

The conflict between the forces of Humanity and Post-Humanity has already begun and cannot be stopped. One side or the other will eventually triumph, so long as they control the levers of power in the American Empire.

The ideologues of Post-Humanity will never cease their wars of conquest and subjugation. These wars will only cease when the Post-Humanists themselves cease to exist and only when their empire is dismantled and their ideology crushed will humanity’s future be secure. Until that time, the specter of Post-Human totalitarianism will continue to threaten the world, regardless of how many temporary setbacks it suffers.

The choice offered by Washington’s fanatical Liberal elite to Russia and all those opposed to the Post-Human future it dreams of is simple: submit to its edicts or face annihilation. When faced with such a choice, there is only one valid conclusion that can be drawn:

The American Empire must be destroyed.

P.T. Carlo


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