Article : Conseil de The Donald aux “cousins” : Brexit

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Carolus Aquisgrani obiit die 28 Ianuarii 814



Tout est donc cohérent le Pape qui avait critiqué le Trump érigeur de murs, critique le Brexit destructeur de Ponts.

Et comme tout est cohérent il rejoint la
glorieuse galerie des récipendiaires du prix Charlemagne

Difficile d'y retrouver ses petits même si Ambrose Evans-Pritchard nous dit qe c'est bien la CIA qui a créé l'europe.

D'ailleurs si on regarde bien la liste des laureats Charlemagne , on trouve quelques Américains

Together, we set about doing that. We lowered trade barriers, supported young democracies, adapted NATO to new challenges, and expanded our Alliance across Europe's old divide. We made clear, and I repeat today, that NATO's door remains open to new members. The EU took in three new members, opened negotiations with a dozen others, created a single market with one currency.
We've stood by Russia, struggling to build their own democracy, and opened the way to a partnership between Russia and NATO and between Ukraine and NATO. We defended the values at the heart of our vision of an undivided Europe, acting to stop the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and forging what I believe will be an enduring peace there.
We acted in Kosovo in one of our Alliance's finest moments. A year ago in Germany we launched a Stability Pact for southeastern Europe. We stand, still, with crusaders for tolerance and freedom, from Croatia to Slovakia to Serbia. And we do encourage reconciliation between Turkey and Greece.
Over the last 11 years, of course, there have been some setbacks. But unquestionably, Europe today is more united, more democratic, more peaceful than ever, and both Europeans and Americans should be proud of that.

Bill CLinton Prix Charlemagne 2000.