Le vol 253 est-il un coup tordu? Hypothèses

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Le vol 253 est-il un coup tordu? Hypothèses

Tom Burghardt est un activiste US, un vrai, avec une longue expérience. (Editeur de Covert Action Quarterly et de Global Research, publiant dans The Dissident Voice, The Intelligence Daily et Pacific Free Press, etc.) Dans The Dissident Voice, le 11 janvier 2010 (lien: http://dissidentvoice.org/2010/01/flight-253-anatomy-of-a-cover-up/), Tom Burghardt dissèque le vol 253 (attentat manqué du 25 décembre 2009) en s’attachant à l’hypothèse générale qu’il y a eu montage et manipulation (“cover-up”). Une foule d’éléments, de contradictions, de citations, de déclarations, etc. Beaucoup de faits, essentiellement des faits.

Les hypothèses sur les différentes possibilités de manipulation viennent en conclusion: s’il y a montage ou manipulation, pourquoi et qui? Un point intéressant, c’est la perspective qu’ouvre l’hypothèse concernant une action/opération montée par un ou des groupes privées qu’il définit sous le terme l’“industrie de sécurité”; des sociétés de sécurité type-Blackwater, des réseaux d’anciens agents, officiers, soldats, etc., ayant opéré dans des conditions spéciales depuis 2001 (et avant, certes) et reconvertis dans l’“industrie de sécurité” qui prend des dimensions impressionnantes aux USA.

«As of this writing, it is not yet possible to provide a comprehensive answer as to why these events unfolded as they did. I am however, certain of one thing: the Obama administration, the security agencies presumably under its control and the corporate media, johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to covering-up imperialism’s multitude of crimes, are lying to the American people.

»There are however, several preliminary hypotheses which can be advanced, all of which raise further troubling questions worthy of additional investigation.

»Were the Christmas Day events a pretext to expand the “War on Terror” into yet another strategic petroleum chokepoint as analyst F. William Engdahl suggests in an excellent piece published by Global Research?

»Nor can we dismiss out of hand the analysis offered by the World Socialist Web Site that the failed Christmas Day airline plot was a maneuver by extreme right-wing elements deeply embedded in the U.S. National Security State “to destabilize and undermine the Obama administration.” To this can be added Richard Wolffe’s provocative statement that factions within the secret state may have had their own “alternative agenda,” and thus failed to act.

»Add to the mix, the systematic outsourcing of intelligence and security functions to a host of giant defense firms, outside of democratic control; in other words, rightist grifters who answer to shareholders and not the American people, and suddenly another piece of Wolffe’s “alternative agenda” comes into sharp focus.

»Chock-a-block with ex-CIA officers, NSA analysts, FBI agents and U.S. Special Forces veterans of America’s dirty wars who now staff the privatized U.S. security complex, in other words well-paid mercenaries who know a thing or two on how to run a clandestine operation, and we just might have another plausible theory why a “dot” or two was ignored Christmas Day.»



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