Chas Freeman et l’attaque contre la CIA en Afghanistan

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Chas Freeman et l’attaque contre la CIA en Afghanistan

Un commentaire de l’ancien ambassadeur US Chas Freeman, qui avait eu des déboires en février dernier avec le lobby juif de Washington (il avait finalement refusé sa nomination de directeur-coordinateur du renseignement US), a une analyse intéressante de l’attaque contre la CIA en Afghanistan, à la fin de 2009. Il confirme l’interprétation et l’importance de ce fait, déjà explicitées par dans la rubrique Bloc-Notes (voir Il compare l’efficacité de l’action contre la CIA à une opération de la Stasi de l’ancienne RDA.

Il s’agit d’un message personnel de Freeman à Steve Clemons, reproduit par Clemons le 11 janvier, avec l’accord de Freeman. (Lien: Freeman est présenté comme président du Middle East Policy Council.

«Non-State Actors Now Competing Competently with States.

». . .That would certainly appear to be the case with the al-Qa`ida operation that Humam Al-Balawi just spearheaded to revenge the assassination of the Taliban's Baitullah Mehsud.

»Quite aside from the mythic status he has now achieved and the recruitment value this has to al-Qa`ida, this operation involved the carefully planned deployment of a triple agent over an extended period to entrap the key CIA personnel engaged in planning the assassination of al-Qa`ida's leadership cadre. It came off like clockwork, demonstrating a level of tradecraft, professional skill, and capability comparable to that of the superlatively competent Staatssicherheit [Stasi] establishment in the late, unlamented DDR.

»One must laugh at the attention being lavished on the pathetically unsuccessful “underpants bomber” (successful as he was in sowing panic, which is after all the objective of terrorists) when the death of seven CIA operatives and associated security staff so convincingly demonstrates how our enemies are evolving to match us.

»Those involved in the struggle to “defend their faith and its homelands” against “the Crusaders and Jews” are getting much cleverer, more competent, more sophisticated, more united, more diverse, and able to operate more effectively on a global scale and over longer time frames.

»Whether we and the Israelis wish to take credit for this evolution (as is our due) or not, we should be very concerned at the phenomena that our callously ignorant policies in the Dar al-Islam are birthing.

»Non-state actors are now, for the first time, beginning to compete in competence with states.»

Jacques Laubion